Sandberg Instituut,
Amsterdam, NL

17PM is a compilation of original productions by the Design Departments class of 2023. The release came into being in the context of a week-long workshop conducted by Sandberg alumni Yara Zaid and Zgjim Elshani. Written and produced by Katherina Gorodynska, Rudi van Delden, Akash Sheshadri, Tharim Cornelisse, Jonathan Castro Alejos, Neda Ruzheva, Emir Timur Tokdemir, Seán O Riordan, and Antonija Vuletic, the nine tracks were released as an edition of 20 cassettes featuring artwork riso printed at Terry Bleu.

SDR96 is a student-run platform to archive future works and research around the sonic emerging from the Sandberg Instituut’s Design Department in Amsterdam. Next to a series of audio publications across various media, the online platform also provides a space to collect audiovisual artifacts and experiments individually and collectively generated by the Department.

︎ sdr96.sandberg.nl
︎ https://sdr96.bandcamp.com/album/17pm

released June 7, 2022
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